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Sergeant Bernard C. Fitchpatrick

For over 30 years, Sergeant Bernard C. Fitchpatrick, (ret.), was responsible for ensuring calls for police services were handled effectively and efficiently within the realm of constitutional policing, while ensuring order was maintained and the needs of the diverse community were met. Bernard was responsible for ensuring the requirements of the LAPD/DOJ Consent Decree were followed, and all policies, procedures, and regulations were strictly adhered to at all levels of the Division he was responsible for. With a strong background in administrative procedures, community policing, conflict resolution, mediation, training, and adult learning, he is able to correlate real world law enforcement experiences into an academic, managerial, and social environment.

Chosen as one of a few instructors to provide D.A.R.E. training to local and state law enforcement agencies nation-wide, and the United States Military internationally, Bernard has worked closely with the community, school districts, and the youth to share his knowledge and experience. In a collegiate setting as an on-ground instructor with the University of Phoenix in Southern California in their Security and Criminal Justice Program, he continued to provide current and future law enforcement professionals with his keen insights. One of his core courses was is Conflict Resolution and mediation. He was also a former adjunct instructor for ITT Technical Institute. In his capacity at ITT, he was the primary instructor for their Diversity in Law Enforcement curriculum. Bernard pioneered this course by developing strong instructional outlines that incorporated significant research into historical events that have had a profound effect on law enforcement interaction with our diverse landscape. He taught how the criminal justice system addresses these ever-present issues internally and as they related to the general public collectively. He continued to teach diversity within the criminal justice and security courses at the University of Phoenix as well. He is an expert facilitator and trainer. 

Bernard obtained his Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and his B.S. from the California State University at Long Beach. As an avid runner, he competed on behalf of the LAPD in various sporting events. Bernard is married to LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick, who is a retired Los Angeles Airport Police Department Captain. They have three daughters, one who is a firefighter with the City of Raleigh, and one granddaughter. Bernard’s father was a World War II, Pearl Harbor Survivor and lived to be 102 years old.

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