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Training & Education

SDS Global Enterprises Inc. has passed the rigorous scrutiny of both the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and has earned their Approved Preferred Provider Certification. This important certification means that SDS Global Enterprises’ programs meet the standards and requirements of the HR profession’s Body of SHRM Competencies and Knowledge instituted by SHRM and HRCI’s strict guidelines for offering HR education. Therefore, SHRM’s Professional Development Credits (PDCs) and HRCI’s continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and Certificates of Completion for programs provided by SDS Global Enterprises may be awarded.


SDS Global offers a wide range of courses, on a variety of platforms, on the topic of DEI in the workplace. The goal is to provide practical, interactive and engaging learning experiences that will support behavioral change and thinking modifications, as well as encourage immediate application back on the job. Ultimately, the goal is to enable the organization’s movement toward a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace culture where ALL talent can thrive.

Our variety of DEI courses are available in multiple formats including self-paced learning, live facilitated webinars with DEI experts, in-person classroom training, eLearning, and include a plethora of recommended resources. These allow the client to offer training that meets the unique needs and schedules of its staff.

Upon completion of our training programs participants will increase their knowledge, understanding and abilities for how to work and lead more inclusively in a diverse, global, virtual, and ever-changing world.


Design a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Learning Path Certificate Program

SDS Global also offers its clients the option to customize their own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Learning Path Certificate Program, which consists of self-paced learning activities, live facilitated webinars with DEI experts, and a plethora of recommended resources.

A Certificate of Completion in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (with your company’s name and logo) will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete all Learning Paths and who pass the Post Course Knowledge Assessment.

We customize this Learning Path for your organization’s specific needs using some of the 18 courses we offer, listed here.

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